Do I need to know how to do draw to design?

Short answer is no, you just need to be able to visualize what you want to create and transfer that into Pattern designing, although fashion drawing is one of the fundamental tools in design it’s not compulsory that you can sketch to design.

What is the qualification for this course?

We are not a tertiary education facility.  We are able to offer this exclusive format of teaching where you are one of only 12 people attending a course. As we are not offering a qualification, we have no formal application process for our course – we welcome everyone as our courses are not NQF rated. We do however suggest that members attending our course are able to read and write English at minimum Grade 12 equivalent and for attendance of a pattern making course, a fair level understanding of mathematical literacy is  recommended not compulsory.

I'm worried about Online learning, what if I don't understand what you are teaching?

Pattern Design is a practical skill that requires you to Practice  to understand, once you have the tools you are ready to start understanding this skill, it’s not a complicated subject and the way my course is created  is a more simplified way compared to what you would learn at a traditional Fashion School,to supplement what I teach I will also give students the opportunity to a Live stream to ask questions.

What are the course outcomes?

After completion you will be able to understand at introductory level how to design  variations of womenswear tops/bodices, skirts, dresses and sleeves. I’ve also included some trendy styles that are in trend at the moment.

You will understand how measurements are interpreted in Pattern design meaning you will be able to design in different sizes.

What happens after I pay for the course?

You will receive an email with log in details and download.

You will receive Free Designers Basic Blocks ,basic skirt, bodices, sleeve in life size  and and smaller scale. You will use these to design your clothes (no traditional school does this, you would have to draft these yourself from scratch)

Download of Basic Front Female Croquis to use to trace.

Downloads of the 6 lectures includes:

Fashion illustration (quick introduction)

Pattern Designing-

How to design Tops /Bodices

How to design Skirts

How to  design Dresses

How to  design Sleeves

How long is the course?

It’s 4hours in 6 lectures

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