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Adda Kouture is a Fashion Brand and Fashion Academy which is the brainchild of Adda Bhala who is based in Johannesburg South Africa. Adda is an unconventional Fashion Designer with a different vision from the traditional way of Fashion Designing. She has had a transformational experience specializing  in women’s wear for 9 years. Her design aesthetic is inspired  by her passion for expressing femininity fusing it with modernity. Passionate and a Pro in the Creative Process of Fashion Designing Adda has established a fashion Academy to share her skills and techniques gained throughout the years, these short courses are for fashion enthusiasts, beginners, content creators ,fashion students, fashion entrepreneurs and hobbyists  

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About Fashion Short Course

We offer a Fashion Design Short Course that suits the needs of people interested in the skills of the creative process of making clothing and learning pattern design for commercially relevant garments, whether you want to start a line, or you are a fashion enthusiast or a  hobbyist; this 12 week  short course is for you.

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About Course

Fashion Design Short Course (12 weeks)

Introductory level

This course intensely focuses on the roots of the Fashion design creative process equipping you to create beautiful designs focusing on Womenswear through the following two crucial disciplines when designing commercial worthy apparel:

Pattern Construction 

In this class you will learn techniques and the basics of using patterns to design womenswear from pattern designing to fabric mastery.

How to use and manipulate these pattern blocks to create  a range of different designs from basic to intermediate.

You will learn how to draft blouses different pockets, waist bands,dresses,skirts and full circle skirts,how to use full circles to design, dramatic sleeves ,flared pants, jumpsuits etc

Garment Construction

You will learn worthy techniques of making  womenswear from basic to intermediate level from pattern to fabric to sewing machine.

Introduction of basic essential and efficient tools used when sewing.

Introduction to sewing machine and it’s functions,stitch knowledge, how to adjust machine when working with different fabrics and different needle sizes used for different fabrics.


Course outcome :

You will be able to make

Bodices (blouses/tops)

You will also learn how to interchange these garments to make jumpsuits, joining a bodice and skirt to make different styles of dresses and variations of designs

–  Adda  Bhala  (Founder of Fashion Academy)


Create Your Own Style

AK Fashion Academy offers  courses that include all the fundamental processes in these short courses which I designed to teach you basic to intermediate techniques to making garments at the value of what you would pay for one skill/discipline at a traditional Fashion School.

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What this course can do for you

Create your own

Learn at Introductory level how to independently design patterns to create beautiful fashionable staples that make a statement. Improve your wardrobe. Refine your clothes to fit you and your personal style.
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